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AOPA–INDIA is a part of The International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA) which is a nonprofit federation of 71 autonomous, non-governmental and national general aviation organizations. IAOPA has represented the international general aviation community for nearly 50 years.

AOPA-INDIA works to provide an open, supportive environment for affordable flying, enhanced skills and safety of pilots and is engaged in identifying issues and solutions of its small but growing general aviation community. AOPA-INDIA is committed to dialogue, education and long-term engagement with regulatory bodies and government in order to realize the full potential of general aviation in India.

A not-for-profit body, AOPA-INDIA is run with the passionate involvement and support of volunteer pilots and enthusiasts whose dream is to build a vibrant and enduring future for general aviation in India.

President's Message

President Message

After a long spell of silence on the General Aviation Front, I take this opportunity to re – welcome you all. The pace of things had slowed down due to various reasons and let’s not dwells on them anymore.

We are charged up again and with rejuvenated strength taking up the mantle of GA Community to match the vision of our pioneer Mr. Ramesh Rao.

As a homage to Mr. Ramesh Rao we pledge today to take things further more energetically and let the era of HAPPY FLYING begin.

We do have a vibrant General Aviation community which needs to be brought under one banner, today every single owner, pilot or pioneer is fighting a lonely battle against odds.

After numerous discussions and a lot of support from all of you I took up the challenge and since then, I have gotten in touch with DGCA and the Ministry on a weekly basis and I admit there is a change, a very positive and proactive change in the way the Governmental Agencies are viewing things today.

I want to take this forward diligently. I need support of each and every member. Starting very humbly, I have decided that I will float a request or seek your suggestion on a weekly basis, please come forward and support the cause.



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