Four Sub - Committee's are formed to address key issues raised by members in last meeting held at New Delhi.

Sub – Committee Alpha: Under the stewardship of Col (Retd) Suhag, this committee has established close liaison with the DGCA & MoCA to advocate on the liberalization of the GA and raise points of concern centrally on behalf of all members and process advocacy notes issued by the other two sub committees.These sub – committees are also responsible for the management of Management / Financial matters. All secretarial assistance is drawn by the sub – committee from within its resource presently available, till the time the Association attains a position to actually appoint professional staff.

Sub – Committee Bravo: Under the stewardship of Mr. Vicky Randhawa (the Hyderabad Group!!!) it concentrates on building advocacy with respect to Microlights. 

Sub – Committee Charlie: Under the stewardship of Mr. Bharucha (the Pune – Baramati Group) it concentrates on issues related to fees & charges for parking / landing & others. It built advocacy points related to reduction in the exorbitant and unaffordable pricing policy currently being followed.

Sub – Committee Delta: Under the stewardship of Mr. Sultania (Banglore Group) efforts are made for instrument ratings and other licensing aspects.

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